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At ChansArt Gallery, dive into a world where creativity knows no bounds. Experience a diverse collection of art pieces spanning various styles, mediums, and cultures.

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Every masterpiece in our gallery tells a story. Take home more than just art – take home an experience. ChansArt Gallery offers a curated selection of artworks available for purchase, allowing you to adorn your space with elegance and meaning.

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Immerse yourself in a world of diverse artistic expressions.

Critical Acclaim

  • The line drawing will not be without successors.

    ” Are there people who draw better than any other language? Are there new artists who are promising? Chandrasekharan, who draws in Deshabhimani weekly is good. “

    Artist Namboothiri, Indian Painter
  • Chandrashekharan displayed greater craftsmanship and commitment.

    ” Gopalan drawing for ‘Janayugam’ and Chandrashekharan drawing for ‘Deshabhimani’ deserve special mention as artists. Both of them developed independent styles free of any serious obligations. Gopalan’s drawings may be on the slower side of things but they are lucid and radiant. And therefore has character. He dedicates unusual attention on exaggerations and adornments. Chandrashekharan displayed greater craftsmanship and commitment. Refinement, beauty, speed, sincerity – these qualities swiftly garnered interest. He went on to evolve a signature style. When this was about to blossom, his illustrations stopped. Gather that he was drawn to the seductions of Gulf. It will be great if we manage to get him back here. “

    M M Basheer, Literary Critic
  • Remarkable Namboothiri Portraits in Deshabhimani

    ” Chandrasekharan, who draws in Deshabhimani, I am very impressed with his lines. There are not many people in India, who are capable of drawing Namboothiris so easily. “

    M V Devan, Indian Painter


In the decades long career, Chans has collaborated with a number of media houses in India

  • Deshabhimani

    (Malayalam Weekly)

  • Samakalika Malayalam

    (Malayalam Weekly)

  • Malayala Manorama

    (Malayalam Weekly)

  • Madhyamam

    (Malayalam Weekly)

  • Chinta

    (Malayalam Weekly)

  • Janashakthi

    (Malayalam Fortnightly)