Kozhikode: An exhibition of select works by Chandrashekharan, whose illustration technique blended both tradition and modernity and enriched the Malayalam fictional universe. Chandrashekhran known under his pseudonym ‘Chans’ was also quick to reinvent his art at the arrival of computers and has made a mark in Graphics too. The exhibits, predominantly illustrations for current affairs’ publications in Malayalam, include his works for the India Today. “An artist should be able to absorb changing times. I prefer to be in tune with the times. Especially when it comes to permutations to form and colour in illustration art, “Chans says. Graphic works at the exhibiton, which accorded a brand new sensibility to reading with their precise colour composition attracted much attention. Jointly organized by Deshabhimani and the Progressive Association of Art and Literature (Pu.Ka.Sa) at the Kozhikode Town hall, Prof. M.N. Vijayan inaugurated the exhibition.

INDIA TODAY 2005 (Magazine /India)

Computer Painting